18 October 2010

Here things are really good!

I’ve gotta say that I wish that I had known what I know now about 2 years ago. I have learned a ton and have been enjoying doing the work a lot. This last week the 3 day training meeting was fun. It was interesting to see the things that the first presidency is emphasizing and the way in which they are changing Preach My Gospel, or actually adding to it since it is the same, just with more parts.

We’ve been working hard, sometimes it is a bit difficult, like all things are, but I feel confident that we are doing the best we know how. We have some way cool people that we are teaching right now. This last couple of weeks has taught me something. I think as missionaries we get caught up a lot in the glory of things. Not so much in a prideful way as wanting to be part of all the cool things that happen. The people that my companion and I are teaching may or may not get baptized while I am around, but that really is not a huge concern as far as who is there when it happens, but rather that they are taught in the correct way and that they do get baptized in the end.

I have seen so many way cool things in the mission. I wouldn’t trade it for anything, because I know that it is going to make everything so much more worth it afterwards. Let´s be honest, I would love to be home right this moment, but I want to be here more. There are still things to do and things to learn. And there are far too many to learn right now, but I have got to take advantage of the time that I have while I have it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the people that I am going to miss when I go, and the list is not short. When you are in this field of work, you not only get to know people, but you really get to know them, you understand them, you become family with them, and it is a wonderful thing. I wish that every person here in Argentina I could do something for before I go, and I am thinking constantly about what I can do. Beyond the things that you can do for a person in a physical sense, I think the most important thing will be the influence that we leave behind in this life. It is a very weird thing, life. Its ups and downs and sidesteps and unforeseen bumps. But it all serves us for our experience.

I realized something very cool while teaching a couple of younger kids recently. That is that they, notwithstanding their young age, have an understanding of who they are, what they want in life, a distinct personality. One of the things that I saw recently that most affected me was a 13 year old girl who said that she was atheist, that she didn’t believe in god for what had happened in her life. I was awestruck and my jaw dropped a little as I heard her explain it to us. But there is something more amazing. She now is starting to believe in Christ, she is praying, reading the Book of Mormon, has gone to church, and she is preparing to get baptized. Each and every one of us are children of our Father. And that is special. I love you all more than you know and I miss you probably as much as you realize. But I’d like to think I miss you alllllot. Anyways. Till next time. Thanks for everything!
Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose
p.s. I got the package, thanks a ton. All the roommates and even President and Sister Northcutt were pretty excited about the Big Hunks. :)

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