11 October 2010

Hey U:

Everything here is just fantastic. We really had a really amazing week last week. It was a killer, just one of those weeks that you wait for and work so hard for as a missionary. We had more lessons, more new investigators, more people in church than we have ever had since I have been in this area and we are really working with some extremely amazing people this time around. I and Elder Graham are doing well. After the big talk that we had last week everything has improved 100%.

So anyways about the week, we’ll start from the beginning. We are teaching the Navarro kids, a mom who is a member but way less active and her two kids that are 10 and 13. They went to conference this last week and came to church this week as well. They are going to get baptized in a few weeks. The Bajinay family; I think I told you about them. They are two sisters that live with their mom. Somehow we finally got them and they came to church. That was way cool because it was a huge step in their progression. They also brought one of their boyfriends with them. They were taken very good care of by the members and they have friends in the ward. There is a really cool old guy in our ward named Bro. Mendelek. He asked us to talk to his grandkids and we talked to one and she came to church, then we went to their house on Sunday night and talked to the mom and she said that she would like us to talk to her other 2 kids as well. Super sweet.

Things just seem to be working out now. We are also teaching a cool young couple that has 2 kids and he is in the army. They had the desire to go to church this week but right when they were planning on leaving, family showed up on their doorstep and they had to hang out with them (that may seem odd but that is very common here that family just randomly shows up on your doorstep.) On Sunday at lunch, we got a phone call from some other missionaries that said a member spoke with them about visiting a lady. They gave us her address and we went to see her at 9 last night. She is an older woman who has gone through some hard stuff lately and she was way open to what we were teaching and she is stoked to go to church.

I learned a lesson this last week. And this is it. Suck it up and work because if you think things are hard, they only get harder. Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and things will work out. This week we have today and tomorrow to work and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I have a leadership training meeting to go to with president and so I will be there on those 3 days for the morning and then return to my area for the afternoon. It will be interesting; I hope that it all works out good. We will just try to cram a bunch of really good appointments into the afternoon and have some really really cool days with our investigators.

Today for p-day we went to the zone chapel and played soccer. It was pretty fun. Then we went to Burger King with a couple of other companionships and now I am here. So that is pretty much the whole week. Things are going really well here and I know that it is due to the blessings of the Lord and our efforts to get along better as a companionship. The rest of it is rather easy, teaching the gospel is not hard, we are lead by the spirit to do it, but in order to have the spirit, there needs to be a proper environment in which it can dwell. Always learning. You’d think we’d figure it out after a while right... hahah. Anyways, I’ll leave you for now. Talk to you next week. LOVES!

Chau y un abrazo gigante

Elder Rose

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