04 October 2010

Things here are going great - Last Transfer

Things here are also going great. I am here with Elder Graham and Elder Donaldson and the new elder in our apartment Elder Wilson. I was with Elder Wilson in my last district as well and so it is fun to meet up with him and live together. Things are looking good. We had an awesome time in conference, we got 3 investigators to go, and we would have liked to have had more, but the others that we have invited didn’t come through. The 3 that went were the two kids of the less active family and a lady that we are teaching who suffered from a stroke and is somewhat paralyzed from the waist down. We did a lot of running back and forth between our area and the stake center and we definitely ran ourselves into the ground, but it was way worth it. Super fun. After priesthood session I was craving Chinese food, but there was none to be found and it ends at 11 o´clock at night here so it was pretty late. The transfer went well; we got Elder Ramos to the terminal and picked up Wilson. So now there will be four of us gringo folk in the apartment together so hopefully I don’t come home talking like a gringo.... So you asked what day I actually get home, it should be the 17th of November. That´s weird.

Things are good and set up for this last transfer. We have found a lot of really good people lately and we have a lot of investigators that are committed to baptism that we are trying to help out a lot. There is a young couple with 2 kids that we are working with. Then the 2 kids that went to conference and the lady that went to conference. Sebastian is struggling and we are struggling to hang on to him. The friend of a member, Miguel Angel. Actually really cool story about that. We saw him in church last week and he said that he had received an answer and that he knew that he was going to get baptized, his challenge or rather our challenge with him is finding him because he has a very difficult schedule and his parents don’t want us to teach him in their home, so that complicates things a little bit. Things are good though. Then there is a family of the mom and her two adult daughters, they are also right there on the edge, they have the desires to learn but they are lacking the desires to act on what they learn and will not be able to get to where they need to be if they are not willing to take the step.

So as for conference, the talks were amazing, I picked up a few main topics that were very prevalent. Apart from the general topics that are very common such as pornography, debt and all that, they focused a lot on the prophet and following him, agency, and repentance and family relations. I really enjoyed the talks by President Monson, President Uchtdorf and president... man I liked all the talks, but there is just such a thing that happens, that in the moment certain things just apply to you. You just hear them talking to you and then when you go back to review the talks you find something else, that is why it is soooooo important to take notes and to remember the stuff that you learn. "The dullest ink is better than the most vivid memory" not sure who said it but they were right. There are still a lot of things that I am working on and I love conference because it just makes you realize how much stuff that you need to do to improve.

I had a really good talk with Elder Graham last night after the conference was over and we talked about a lot of stuff. We worked some things out, were really open and understand things a little bit better now. We are growing together. I think that I have taken for granted the good companions that I have had in the past that were just automatically easy to get along with. He is an amazing missionary, and it has just been a little bit more of a struggle than in the past to find our groove with each other. We’re getting there and we will only get better. I love you all. I love you. Thank you for being so amazing. I admire you for watching conference and learning from it. It put a smile on my face to hear that you watched all the sessions. I love you so much. I will talk to you later. CHAUUU
Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose

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