25 October 2010


How is all going back in town? It is weird thinking that there is still so much stuff going on without me. It is good to hear that you are all doing so well. Sounds like dad is having fun in sin city. It makes me laugh now to think about the name and then think about a priesthood holder walking into it and Satan probably just cringing knowing that he’s there. And mom’s back home holding down the fort. The guy that is staying with you, is he going to still be there when I get home? It would be cool to get to talk to him. And how are all the grandkids and the siblings? Everything doing good.

This last week was a pretty good one. We are doing the work well and getting things done and we should have a baptism this week and 2 more before I go. It was funny. This last Friday we did an activity together with our ward and the two branches that meet in our building and it was super cool. We made pizza for everyone and played bowling, everything with a spiritual message of course.

The other elders have a baptism that should be happening not this week but the next that he asked me to baptize him. I was super surprised, I was the first person to talk to him when he went to church with his family and I was surprised he remembered because that was like 2 months ago. It just goes to show and I learned a very important lesson from it. When new people come to church, the thing they look for most is a friend. Be that friend. The majority of the baptismal interviews I have been able to do have said the same thing. One of the questions I ask is who they want to baptize them and when they say who I ask why specifically that person, just out of curiosity, and they almost always say that it is the first person to really befriend them and stick with them for the whole time they were getting to know the church. Sometimes it is the elders, but in the best case scenario it would be a member, and that means that the members are doing their jobs.

This Sunday in church we went to ward council and they were deciding on the new schedule because our ward is moving to the afternoon. We decided on 5 -8 in the afternoon because it was the one that makes the most sense as far as the obra misional and all of the purposes of the church. Many others did not seem to be in agreement and now I believe that certain members are a little.... miffed I guess you could say. Let's try to think about things that are spiritual as spiritual please. I like the quote that mom sent me this week.

"Many blessings in life are missed because worldly judgment was applied to what was really a spiritual decision."
Gregory A. Schwitzer

That one is a winner. So this week we played basketball again for p-day. It is a good challenge, mostly as a test of patience because not everyone knows how to play and most are much more apt to play football than basketball and some of us smaller folk leave the court a little damaged. I don’t think it gets to the level of church ball, but close.

I love you all. I think about you often. Thanks for the package. I made a delicious cake with the peanut butter. Want the recipe?

100g sugar
2 eggs
8 spoons of oil
3/4 cup milk
300 grams nesquik (i dunno if hershey´s cocoa would make it turn out the same)
flour (about 400g it´s like a pound i think)
then you can mix in chocolate chips if you want.
grease and flour a pan and put it in the oven on medium heat for about 30 min.
then I cut it in half and put peanut butter in it.
everyone loved it. Hope you like it too!

Love Always, Elder Jeffrey Darrell Rose

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